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Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice (BSN-DNP)


  • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)
  • Psychiatric Mental 健康 Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
  • Adult Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP)
  • Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (ACPNP)
  • Leadership in 健康 Care Delivery-Administration (LEAD)
    *LEAD track students are automatically eligible for a 25% tuition deduction.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice

  • Full- and part-time options are available depending on course availability. 
  • Courses are hybrid format; synchronous online learning may be used with attendance required.
  • 学生来到校园参加客观结构化临床检查(oses)和住院医师的跟踪特定课程.
  • 临床协调员负责根据学生在导师选择过程中的输入进行临床实习.
  • 学生可以选择参加澳门线上博彩官网的专门教育诊所(DEC)。.
  • After successful completion of the 澳门网上博彩下载 BSN-DNP program, graduates are eligible to complete an exam for national certification (i.e.,等等。

Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor of Nursing Practice


BSN-DNP Admission Requirements

The BSN-DNP program begins twice each year in the fall and spring term.


联系 admissions@vitower.com with questions about admission requirements.  


Required application materials can be submitted as they are completed, but all materials must be received before admission consideration.

Completed applicant files are reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission decisions take 3 to 4 weeks after the application is complete. 


Excellent Certification Pass Rates

  • 研究生护理课程挑战学生在各种各样的专业动态学习机会.
  • 在当今不断发展的医疗环境中与临床相关的研究生教育.
  • UnityPoint 健康 affiliation offers unique clinical experiences.








澳门网上博彩下载 护理学院

护理学院使命 and Philosophy


澳门线上博彩官网护理课程为在各种环境中满足基本护理实践标准的专业毕业生做好准备, 照顾不同的个体, 家庭和人口. These programs emphasize the values of inclusion, 奖学金, experiential and 终身 learning, service and interprofessional partnerships.


The philosophy and purpose of the nursing programs arise from the mission, philosophy and goals of 澳门网上博彩下载. The faculty values the goals of higher education and supports the missions of teaching, 奖学金, 实践与服务.

护理是一门艺术和科学,通过理论和知识的综合不断发展. Caring and professionalism are the essence of nursing practice. As a holistic and humanistic profession, 护理致力于解决不同客户的个性化健康相关需求护士在使用医疗保健技术的同时应用护理过程, 证据, critical thinking and clinical judgment to provide person-centered care. 护士与跨专业保健团队的其他成员合作,安全分娩, 高质量的, culturally sensitive care to diverse individuals, 家庭和人口, with an emphasis on improving health outcomes within complex healthcare systems.

The faculty believes in an equitable and inclusive approach to nursing education, recognizing the uniqueness of each learner. 教学过程涉及教师、学习者和环境之间的动态互动. Faculty consider learning an active, 终身, self-motivated process necessary for professional, personal and leadership development. 知识, 在不同的环境中,通过良好的教学原则和各种教学方法,技能和态度可以得到最好的转移. 澳门线上博彩官网的教师认为服务是学习的延伸,可以培养关心他人的意识.

Program Goals and Graduate Outcomes


To achieve the 护理学院 mission, the goals of the MSN/PGC programs are to:
  • 准备毕业生承担与专业先进实践和领导标准一致的专业角色和责任;
  • 准备毕业生整合循证实践,以改善不同个人的医疗保健结果, 家庭和人口; and
  • prepare graduates to engage in the profession and contribute to society through service, personal growth and life-long learning. 


To achieve the 护理学院 mission, the goals of the DNP program are to:
  • 发展实践领导者在先进的护理角色,推动创新,通过跨社区和医疗机构的证据翻译; 
  • prepare advanced practice nursing leaders to meet the healthcare needs of diverse populations through curricular and experiential learning; and
  • 提供领导和临床奖学金,以优化跨系统的医疗保健结果. 


In concert with the Philosophy of 澳门网上博彩下载, the master’s graduate will: 

  • 综合护理科学及相关学科知识,建立指导实践的基础. 
  • Provide organizational and systems leadership in practice, service and 奖学金. 
  • 应用质量原则来促进患者安全以及个人和系统的积极结果. 
  • Use scholarly inquiry and 证据 to advance the practice of nursing. 
  • 使用信息学和医疗保健技术来加强病人护理和改善医疗保健系统. 
  • Employ advocacy strategies to influence health policy and to improve outcomes of care. 
  • 与跨专业团队合作,管理和改善个人的医疗保健服务, 家庭和人口. 
  • 将以患者为中心和文化响应的战略纳入临床预防的实施, health promotion and population-focused services.

PGC Program Graduate Outcomes:

In concert with the Philosophy of 澳门网上博彩下载, the certificate graduate will:

  • 综合护理科学及相关学科知识,为指导实践打下基础.
  • 应用质量原则来促进患者安全以及个人和系统的积极结果.
  • 与跨专业团队合作,管理和改善个人的医疗保健服务, 家庭和人口.
  • 将以患者为中心和文化响应的战略纳入临床预防的实施, health promotion and population-focused services.


In concert with the Philosophy of 澳门网上博彩下载, the doctorate graduate will:

  • 通过护理科学在临床实践中的整合和应用,实现最高水平的护理实践, 管理与教育. 
  • 展示组织和系统的领导能力,推进质量改进和系统变更. 
  • 运用分析方法和研究开发最佳实践和实践指南.
  • 使用信息系统和基于技术的资源来支持临床和行政决策,并改善个人的卫生保健, 家庭和人口. 
  • Advocate for healthcare change through policy development and evaluation. 
  • 在跨专业合作中发挥领导作用,以改善个人的健康结果, 家庭和人口. 
  • Incorporate a firm conceptual foundation for clinical prevention and population health. 
  • Synthesize advanced practice nursing knowledge and competencies into the practice role.
Out-of-State Residency or Clinical Rotations

申请人和在读学生必须知道,在澳门线上博彩官网提供在线课程和临床研究之前,有些州需要获得批准. 另外, 国家认证或管理许可委员会也可能要求澳门线上博彩官网的学生事先批准在州内从事临床研究. Therefore, 澳门网上博彩下载 cannot guarantee out-of-state clinical or practicum placement. 澳门线上博彩官网也不能保证学生在爱荷华州以外的其他州的居住权将被允许注册在线课程.

申请人计划在爱荷华州以外的任何州居住,并计划在爱荷华州以外的任何州注册在线课程或从事临床研究, should consult an admission counselor prior to applying to 澳门网上博彩下载.

State Code (if you have a felony conviction)

爱荷华州法典(第147章.3)规定对某些重罪的定罪将使个人没有资格获得执照. 先前的重罪定罪不会自动剥夺个人获得执照的资格. After completion of a nursing education program, the student will file an application for licensure with a state board of nursing. 当时, 护理委员会可能会审查任何重罪定罪,以确定是否有资格获得执照.